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I just wrote the premise for a Sharknado inspired porno

The biggest problem with porno is that they’re often quite poor when compared to their predecessor (i.e. The Hills Have Thighs, Jur-ass-ic Park, and Forrest Hump just to name a few). But what happens when you make a porno about a movie that’s already bad? Using everything I know about math we can determine that, Good movies = bad pornos, so it’s only logical that, bad movies = good pornos.

I present to you, the premise of Dil-nado:

A porno convention is underway in California when it’s overcome by a Tornado that forms out of no where. All of the dildos are sucked up into the tornado which is then swept over a nuclear reactor causing the dildos to grow to the size of vehicles. After 45 minutes of awesome acting, violent raining dildos, and some sex, the movie hits it’s penultimate scene when a giant fleshlight flies straight at the main character only to have him catapult himself inside of it with a chainsaw. The movie concludes with some sex.

State of Design 2013 -


Every year I write a column where I look back at the last year’s worth of design. This is my ninth State of Design column.

Excited to see what you guys have done with Theros.

I feel bad for anyone that has never seen Kids in the Hall


never and i mean absolutely never let anyone tell u that u can’t go in a bouncy castle

there is a u in bouncy 

and there’s gonna be a u in that castle

ada-lovecraft asked
The felted cat is adorable (So is Artoo Detoo). About how big is it?

Thank you. :] The felt cat is about the size of a playing card (length is spot on, width is about half.



Artoo hasn’t been doing too well the last couple of days, and we had to take him to the vet where he was hospitalized. We’re optimistic but hospital bills aren’t cheap. Cait setup this indiegogo for the Artman and has a number of crafts setup for donations tiers. If you’re able to help out you’ll not only help out a kitty, but you’ll get a sweet craft in return! If you can’t donate, please consider sharing. Any help is greatly appreciated. 


I want the needle felted kitten. I hope it’s not gone yet.

There are multiples available for each thing. Cait just started working on some of the perks, here’s a half finished felted kitten. It will get ears and the rest of its stripes sometime tonight.

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